As an adult webmaster you have the choice between hundreds of freehosts.

In our very first meeting for the launch of DeepFree, the following questions were given to our team:

As an adult webmaster, which freehost would I chose for my websites ? Which features would I like to have and which freehost would I trust?

The creation of this freehost was based on the webmaster needs. Everything has been setup from the webmaster point of view.

We came up with the following results:

My traffic should not get redirected.
I need FTP access; it's the fastest way to upload my pages.
I need unlimited webspace, not sure how much space I will need in the end.
All TGPs should list my sites when I submit them. Blocks are not acceptable for me.
I don't want to wait hours or days until my account is active.

I want to host my domains there; the setup should be done within 24h max.

These features have been implemented first on DeepFree. After these basic features were installed, we discussed how the daily work of a webmaster looks like and which features we could add to improve the product.

First of all, it can't hurt to have your own domain, even if you are only posting galleries.
So we added the Free Domain Feature.
Every active webmaster gets his own .com .net or .org domain. For free.
When you have your own domain, why not have your own E-Mail ?
Added. Our webmasters will be available via their own personal E-Mail of their domain.

How could we drive traffic to the websites ?
The best products for traffic generation are TGP and CJ2 Submittors. So it was time to talk to the owners of the leading Software Products, Russian Submitter and ROVE TGP Submitter about a marketing deal.
Our Team will come up with new ideas and improvements for DeepFree in the future.
As of today, DeepFree is the most innovative and effective Freehosting Solution available.
Our Webmasters are one step ahead of the competition. Signup Today !!

Good luck and welcome aboard of DeepFree Freehosting !!
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